Separated and yet together - teambuilding through art

    Teambuilding - especially now!

    Perfect in Covid-Times and for international teams

    "We can't have a team event in Corona times"

    Why not? Especially during this time you should think about the motivation of your employees and activate them to commit themselves to their work and their company with special dedication.

    Our employees are working from home

    With our four programs of "working from home – creative" we can connect your employees at home as well as your colleagues in other locations + all over the world without having to travel.

    How can we then become creative together?

    With our concept consisting of small packages, team software, live painting of the artist Götz Friedewald and art prints for all participants, you will experience a great creative event - almost "like in real life" - and create a fascinating total work of art.

    The "real" work of art decorates your headquarters and can then - when your customers and employees visit your office - be admired in full size and beauty.

    You are spread all over the world

    but still want to create something together?

    How can you keep your team together and motivate them in this "new age"?

    How can you loosen up endless video conferences and keep your colleagues "in line"?

    What can you offer that is not only fun, but also promotes team cohesion with its surprising results?

    "Working from Home CREATIVE" can provide you with lasting support

    With our 4 programs from "Working from Home CREATIVE" your colleagues and employees will create a common work of art together.
    This impressive statement will signal to you and the outside world that you as a team are capable of something very special, even in unusual times.

    The artist Götz Friedewald will organize your team event, take care of the design and lead you through the program. He will paint live as well - that's is a useful way to show you some painting techniqus. 

    Every is different - we will support you with your restart

    With videoconferencing like "Zoom" or "MS Teams and small packages for your employees, we manage to create a common work of art - despite the separation e.g. by workin gfrom home or different locations around the world.

    Thus we combine virtual connection with "analog" creative work with paint and brush.

    Now you and your colleagues around the globe can be creative together and create a painting that will accompany you in the future.

    In our joint planning with you we will find the ideal way for you and your company.

    Götz Friedewald - Kunst
    Götz Friedewald - Kunst



    Visualization with echt.punkt in Munich

    On 05.07.2020 we had echt.punkt from Hessisch Oldendorf as a guest in our studio in Munich. This was the first event after the Corona-Lockdown and that's why we protected ourselves here as well.The plan was actually to create a great work of art in which the goals and visions are recorded. We quickly saw that it is much more exciting to let these visions flow into the picture as feelings and thus show the creative powers. So the team created a fascinating work of art, which shows the energy and leaves room for exciting interpretations.

    Virtual Team Event With DB Regio

    On 28.10.2020 we met with 65 employees of DB Regio in MS Teams for a creative team event in the evening. After everyone had received their packages with the materials, we could start painting the individual parts of the great total work of art. In the 1 1/2 following hours we created 66 fragments with a lot of fun and commitment, which - compiled in a PDF - are now accessible for everyone as an impressive work of art. In the next few days we will assemble the "real" pictures into 6 works of art and send them to the six locations in Germany. This way the painters will be able to remind themselves in the future through their artwork that they also work well together virtually in an artistic team building and achieve impressive results.  

    Working from Home: Creative-Event with Nespresso

    On 01.10.2020 we had an appointment on the web! With the support of Jochen Schweizer and with the help of Microsoft teams we had a meeting with a Nespresso team in their home office. Through extensive preparatory work we were able to hold a great event with paint and canvas and afterwards we had the chance to admire the impressive total work of art directly. This shows: even with a home office or separate workstations, team creativity is possible and fun is not left behind.

    Creative From Home with the Deutschen Bank

    On 24.09.2020 we organized a virtual team event with over 50 employees of the Deutsche Bank via Zoom. On a given topic the participants got creative with the support of Götz Friedewald and created many fascinating little works of art. 

    KreativXXL with Westwing in München

    On 13.08.2020 we were in the English Garden with a small team from WESTWING. Here we set up our mobile studio near the Tivoli pavilion and could then start "working" on the KreativXXL artwork. After three hours of concentrated creativity the great work of art was finished and was brought by Götz Friedewald to his studio in Munich-Schwabing to dry. The artists drove from the English Garden directly to the next program point + and will have a lot of fun with their common artwork in the future.  

    FIRMEN MALEN with Lavazza in the "Frankfurter Botschaft"

    On 30.07.2020 we were in Frankfurt directly at the Frankfurter Botschaft. Commissioned by our partner agency Evinta, we were invited to create a work of art with a 13-member team from Lavazza.  At first we were all in the shadows, but after a while we all felt the summer heat. With a lot of dedication, the small teams created drafts, which we then - after the dedicated artistic design - put together to create a total work of art.The result is a fascinating work of art that will permanently remind the participants and me of this beautiful and creative afternoon in the Frankfurt summer.  

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    Until the end of the year we offer you a CORONA-BONUS on all our events - to make the new start easier!
    Götz Friedewald - Working from Home CREATIVE + FIRMEN MALEN

    You need some space?

    Of course!

    If the event room is big enough, we can keep all safety distances and of course we wear masks. So we can - if the premises allow it - carry out all the different programs of FIRMEN MALEN . Of course with the current security measures.

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