Working from Home with Philip Morris

Working From Home - creative with Philip Morris

On 23.02.2021 we had an artistic online event with a small team from Philip Morris. Invited by the agency AVANTAGE, Götz Friedewald painted a great team picture with the participants within two entertaining hours, which will arrive in the office in the next few days and then decorate the office space.
"Working from home" with Hirschmann

"Working from home" with Hirschmann

On 07 + 09.12.2020 we organized a virtual and creative team event with more than 70 employees of the technology and market leader for industrial networks Hirschmann. This time we met via Skype, which also worked very well.  The task for the employees was to creatively design a template that was the same for everyone. Astonishingly beautiful and of course completely different works of art were created, which fit together through their connecting elements and will soon be exhibited as a "real work of art in Hirschmann's offices as a total work of art.
Working from Home with Allison

Working from home: creative Teamevent mit Allison

On Feb. 18, 2021, we met with 72 allison employees in MS teams and held an exciting online event. The artists had from 2 hours each to design their individual images for the overall artwork.  On 19.02. we assembled and presented it to them as a PDF, in the next few days they will receive the "real" painting, which they can then present ih their offices.
Working From Home - creative: "The Whole Thing" with Elsevier

Working From Home - creative: "The Whole Thing" with Elsevier

On 01.12.2020 we met with a small team from the scientific publisher Elsevier in MS Teams and created a work of art together. The 1 1/2 hours were very agile, and in the relatively short time the sympathetic team created an impressive collective painting. At the moment this is a virtual, but soon it will be live in the office again, reminding us that together we are able to create great things.
Homeoffice Kreativ mit Royal Canin

Working from Home with Royal Canin

On 10.02.2021 we met - organized by the agency Isarhelden - with 200 employees of Royal Canin for a few hours in the Interneht to create a large work of art together. With a lot of commitment, the participants painted many beautiful individual pictures, which we then put together to create a large work of art. The result will decorate the offices of Royal Canin in the future.
Working from Home with Pepperl + Fuchs

Working From Home With Pepperl + Fuchs (2)

On 21.01.2021 we had our first event of the new year! Here we met online with 106 artists from Pepperl + Fuchs for a very dynamic and creative painting event. A great work of art was created, which symbolizes the creativity of the company and the employees who support it.

Visualization with echt.punkt in Munich

On 05.07.2020 we had echt.punkt from Hessisch Oldendorf as a guest in our studio in Munich. This was the first event after the Corona-Lockdown and that's why we protected ourselves here as well.The plan was actually to create a great work of art in which the goals and visions are recorded. We quickly saw that it is much more exciting to let these visions flow into the picture as feelings and thus show the creative powers. So the team created a fascinating work of art, which shows the energy and leaves room for exciting interpretations.
"Working from home" with Straumann Group

"Working from home" with Straumann Group

On 18.12.2020, we were invited by the agency GREWP to organize a virtual team event with employees of the Straumann Group. Since everything at Straumann revolves around teeth, we chose a tooth as the symbol for our "same but different" event. During the 2-hour creative event we had a lot of fun with the design of the pictures and as a result a great piece of art came out, which will decorate the rooms of the company in the future.