working from home with Emagine/ BOSCH

A Monumental Work Of Art For Bosch

On 06/29/2021, we met virtually with the Bosch "Emagine" team in the morning and afternoon due to different time zones. For this worldwide team we realized a "Corporate Artwork" drawing event, where 170 single images are combined to a big whole. After a short time, the first artwork arrived via Mial and the first impression is fantastic. There are still some gaps in the monumental artwork, but these will be filled in over time. For the future, the team has a great memory of the exciting joint team event in this crazy time. Translated with (free version)
Working from home with I-CON

Creative time with I-CON

At the invitation of Jochen Schweizer Corporate Solutions we met with the employees of I-CON for 2 hours in a virtual room on 04/30/2021 and designed a great team image for the company in a lively and highly motivated creative event.
working from home with Limehome

Creative team event with Limehome

On 24.06.2021 we were invited to join the employees of Limehome for an exciting and creative team event.  We not only had a lot of fun with the friendly team at "The Whole Thing", but where also very impressed by the jointly created work of art. This will decorate the offices in the future a lot of joy.
Working from home with Porsche-Consulting

Porsche Consultin - graphically creative

On 29.04.2021 we met with Porsche. The topic of sustainability was the task for the participants, which was to be implemented in drawings.In the lively and creative drawing time, the ideas were impressively visualized - the artwork works both virtually and in the original.
working from hom,e with ventum

The creative team of Ventum

on 09.06.2021 we planned to hold the first creative live event in the Corona year 2021 with Ventum in Munich.... Everything was already prepared for the meeting, but then Götz Friedewald got a cold... And so - here we are again in Corona times - we switched the moderation from GF back to remote for safety reasons.  A great piece of art as a result, an exciting event and a lot of fun both on-site and via stream - our team flexibility helped us to visualize our creativity. 
Working from home with Allianz

A creative team event with Allianz

On 27.04.2021 we had a virtual meeting with a small team of the alliance and were able to create great individual works of art in two intensive hours, which were subsequently combined into the "big thing".
Homeoffice Kreativ mir GuD

Great creativity with GuD

On May 11, 2021, the agency Stadthelden invited us to work with 18 friendly employees of GuD CONSULT in Berlin to create a virtual work of art on the theme of nature and spring - which, of course, no one knew during the painting. After the lively and entertaining painting time, the artwork was assembled by Götz Friedewald and presented the next day.   NOW EVERYONE CAN EASILY FEEL HOW IMPORTANT THEIR PERFORMANCE IS FOR THE SUCCESS OF THE "WHOLE THING".
Working from home with net-select

A creative time-out with net-select

On 22.04.2021 we met virtually with net-select. Together with Jochen Schweizer Corporate Solutions we had additionally supplemented the art boxes with wine, cheese and other nerve food, so that it was also a pleasurable event in culinary terms. Since the wall for which the artwork had been planned is relatively long, we chose a somewhat larger canvas format - the artists therefore had to work a bit more... But no one minded - a great work of art was created, in which the participants hopefullyd auerhaft have a lot of fun. Translated with (free version)
Working from home with BASF

Virtually creative with BASF

Teams have to work particularly well together on complex projects. On 05.05.2021, a team from BASF was able to practice this while painting ;-)An international team, which is involved in the construction of a large site in China, met with Götz Friedewald in MS Teams and visualized the complex project here.  Of course, we had prepared a lot for this creative time-out in advance, so that we could then work together on the large team artwork. The following day, we then presented the complete work of art and everyone was able to admire their joint painting virtually. The original will now be sent to BASF so that the jointly designed team painting can be exhibited there live. An exciting event with a lasting effect - thank you very much!